Which words out there plunge us deep within?

What ancient wisdom is buried in sacred texts?

Among countless books out there that just stimulate the intellect, a select few serve as gateways into higher realms of consciousness and spiritual evolution.
Who has learned from this fount of wisdom, and what's the power of groups dedicated to this study?
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It's not just inspiration; we get at the heart of what it means to be human, paving a path out of suffering towards self-realization.
Every religion holds kernels of truth, remnants from the prophets hidden beneath distortions millennia old.
What is this wisdom, and how can we bypass the rigidity, antagonistic beliefs and cultural limitations that cover it up?
Book on fire
At what point do we stop seeking for answers outside, and go within to tap into that universal wisdom?
The Three Kings
What can we learn from some of the world's oldest stories?
How can those stories be told in a way that opens our hearts and takes us to the depths of who we are?
The Gita
From Buddha and Krishna to Jesus and Muhammad – and all the master teachers who came to uplift humanity – what was their deepest purpose?
In the end, what was their profound sacrifice all about? Organized religions often miss the point all together... how can we follow the path of awakening?
Latin text
Why are certain old tongues considered languages of power?
Is it worth the challenge of learning the basics if they're not spoken anymore?
Discover how understanding ancient wisdom first-hand can transform your life.

What we
work towards

Open book

Words going beyond the mind

Have you ever read a book that suddenly arrests the mind with its beauty and makes you dive deep within yourself? It's a rare read indeed, when you notice that beyond the stream of thoughts and images that the words incite, you connect to a universal wisdom and a higher power that was lying dormant within you. Certain books were left to humanity as true spiritual initiations, and they deserve to be recognized as such among the vast ocean of books out there that may be quite clever and interesting, but don't have the power to break the flow of compulsive thinking.

Interpreting sacred texts

Making ancient wisdom digestible

Sacred scripture is at the heart of most religions, and many of these sacred texts can point the path towards inner liberation. But their strict interpretation combined with the all-too-human tendency to create rules and indoctrination, not to mention exclusion and demonization, has lead to millennia of suffering, all in the name of some dusty old book. Let's strip out the distortions of the ages and rescue those rare pearls of wisdom handed down to us by the prophets. Let's pave a new path within the old, a resolute quest for the liberation of the human spirit.

Ancient scroll

Learning languages of power

Speaking or singing prayers in Sanskrit, Hebrew, Latin and other ancient languages can expand one's consciousness and awaken specific energies within us. Every letter in the Sanskrit alphabet for example is organized according to a perfect vibrational logic that correlates with certain points in the mouth – which according to ancient sages activate certain chakras and sub-chakras when spoken. But what would it take for you to actually read and understand your favorite prayers in the original? Not that much actually, and doing so will vastly increase the power of your prayer.

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